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Field Manager’s will be required at every location of KCMGL youth games scheduled.  The purpose is to represent the KCMGL in all areas of concern and follow the US Lacrosse and Positive Coaching Alliance principles of Honoring the Game (see link) and sportsmanship.  The Field Manager’s duties include:
« Coordinate pickup of portable scoreboard 
Joe Vasta 914-720-0899 (for Blue Valley Field) Kevin Krause 913-707-5910 (for Sion field) 
« Arrive at the field 1 hour prior the first scheduled game to setup the field
« Ensure gates and bathrooms are open @ BVNW.
(If not open, contact Weekend Custodian @ pager 816-989-5395)
« Identify and introduce yourself as GAME FIELD MANAGER to coaches and umpires
« Ensure a smooth flow of the schedule and that games start on time
« Ensure the umpires and teams are at the field 30 minutes prior to game time
« All team contact information available at www.kcgirlslax.com
« Resolve roster integrity issues by verifying information on the kcgirlslax.com website
« Assist umpires/coaches (ie. first aid kit, 911, game balls, goals being blown over)
« Educate and oversee the parent volunteers in timekeeping and score keeper duties 
« Act as a Culture Keeper and ensure spectators and participants Honor the Game
« Resolve disputes between teams by following KCMGL Operating Policies (on website)
« Breakdown and put away all field equipment in the original storage location
« Do not leave the facility until ALL PLAYERS have been picked up
« Ensure parking at STA follows the guidelines posted below - also diagram on website


« Remove any soccer goals (DO NOT PUT ON TRACK, place them past end zones)
« Remove debris from the playing field
« Inspect the playing area for any hazards
« Setup goals at BVNW following the Rage Cage instructions attached or at the links below
« Place sand bags on back of goals for  stability

« Setup field cones, scorer’s table and chairs, and player benches. 
o Lacrosse uses the outer soccer markings (yellow lines at BVNW)
o Place large cones at the 4 corners
o Place cones at 35 yard line on both sides of the field to mark the restraining lines
o Place cones at the two 45 yard lines to mark the substitution area
« Setup timers, scoreboard, horn and scorer book (Located with cones in container)
« After last game, breakdown and put away all field equipment