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Last update: 3/17/20


A. High School League Members

Members of the KC METRO GIRLS LACROSSE ASSOCIATION (KCMGLA) High School division include teams that are geographically applicable, that pay dues, and that follows the By-Laws of the KCMGLA. As members of the league teams will be part of spring scheduling and compete to be in the KC Area Championship.

Teams, including players, coaches, parents, and fans, will honor the game of lacrosse and promote good sportsmanship to other teams and umpires.


B. Team Playing Requirements and Details

1. All League teams must play each of the other teams in their division.
2. Teams may play as many games as they choose and can play any team, in any state. Teams can play Club or School sanctioned teams.

3. League Game Length

a. Varsity games will be 25-minute running halves with a stop clock in the last two (2) minutes of each half.  Clock will stop after each goal unless a team is ahead by 10 goals, then the clock will not stop after goals or in the final two (2) minutes of the game.

b. Junior Varsity games and any lower level (C, Developmental, Freshman) will be 20 minute running halves with a stop clock in the last two (2) minutes of each half.  During the end of season Championship the game duration will be increased to 25 minute running halves.

c. All games will have a five (5) minute half time

d. Two (2)  – two (2) minute timeouts per game are allowed for each team

e. Overtime Procedures When the score is tied at the end of regular playing time and overtime is to be played, both teams will have a 5-minute rest and toss a coin (visiting captain calls) for choice of ends. The alternate possession shall continue from regulation. The game will be restarted by a center draw. The winner will be decided by “sudden victory.” The team scoring the first goal wins the game.

Each overtime period will be no more than six minutes in length of stop-clock time (clock stops on every whistle). The clock will be stopped after 3 minutes of play in order for teams to change ends with no delay for coaching. No substitutions may occur at this time. The game will be restarted by a center draw. If the teams are still tied after six minutes have elapsed, the teams will have a 3-minute rest and change ends. Substitutions may occur at this time.

Play will continue with “sudden victory” stop-clock overtime periods of six minutes in length (two 3-minute halves) with 3 minutes in between and change of ends until a winning goal is scored.


C. Player Eligibility

1. Beginning in 2015, players will be active and enrolled in 9th-12th grade and in good standing (not on out of school suspension or expelled) at a local (Kansas City Metro Area) high school. All players are required to be members of US Lacrosse.  All players must also register on the League Website.

2. Players will play for their high school team (or club) if available.  Should their high school not have a team/club, players should then play for the nearest proximity team (based on where the athlete lives). Should there be a dispute, the head coaches of the teams will resolve the issue, if not possible, the decision will be left to the Board of KCMGLA.

3. A transgender youth athlete should be allowed lacrosse participation in accordance with his or her gender identity, irrespective of the gender listed on the athlete’s birth certificate or other records and regardless of whether the athlete has undergone any medical treatment. Team or league policies should not prevent an athlete from electing to participate in an activity according to his or her gender identity.


D. Schedules

1. The League will provide a League Director to assign all league games.

2. Teams will turn in the required game availability information by the due date set by the League. Failure to do so may lead to a fee and/or loss of games being scheduled.

3. All teams will review the draft schedule and provide comments by the date set by the League. Once the schedule is final, no changes will be allowed.

4. If a team cancels a game within 24 hours of the originally scheduled time, that team will reimburse any and all costs associated with the game including, field rental, umpires, etc.  If the game cannot be rescheduled, that team will receive a forfeit.  


E. Officials

All league games shall be refereed by US Lacrosse certified officials (if available) and current lacrosse rules will be followed with the only exceptions being listed in these operating procedures.


F. Rosters

1. All players must register on the league website including coaches.  Rosters must be available on the league or team websites prior to the first game of the season. The roster should include player’s name, grade and uniform number.  Failure to have a online roster available to the league will result in a forfeit of all games played until a roster is available.

2. Players are allowed to play in two (2) different levels of games on the same day (varsity and JV or JV and a developmental) however, they must be at an in-between skill level and cannot play in more than half of each game, until they are moved up or down a level.  (A half of a game will be defined as the appearance of the player in that half, not duration of time).  Teams should play in the honor of the sport and not allow better players to play down. An exception is allowed if a team is unable to field a team. This rule is designed to be on the honor system. If there is a concern that the teams are not adhering to this rule the coach should contact the League President.

3. Final Rosters for both JV and Varsity must be set the week before the playoffs are to begin.  Once playoffs begin, no team will be allowed to swing a player between teams.  Each team will be required to submit final rosters to the League Director.  Any team found to have violated this process by allowing a player to play on more than one roster will forfeit the game in question and not be permitted to continue on in the playoffs with either team.


G. Playing Field Responsibilities

1. The home team should ensure that the playing field is in proper condition, lined correctly, and safe for the players. Cones or flags should be placed in the four corners. Teams should provide a way to display the score, a way to track game time, stop watches for timing timeouts and/or penalties, and provide two individuals to run the time and score table.

a. The home team should provide at least three (3) US Lacrosse approved game balls. Teams are responsible for tracking their own statistics and keeping their own scoring book.  It is the responsibility of the winning team to update the KCMGLA website within 24 hours the results of the game. Home team should do their best to provide a trainer at any game.  At a minimum, a first aid kit and ice packs are required by the home team. 

b. Official Book - The Home team will provide an Official Scoring Book at the scorer’s table  that will contain: goals scored, the final score, list of all players who received yellow or red cards, and signatures of both head coaches and umpires.


H. Weather Related Issues

Games will be played as scheduled unless there is severe weather with thunder and/or lighting or the field is closed.  If a game is to be canceled this decision should try to be made prior to 2pm (for weeknight games) and as soon as possible for weekend games. If teams are traveling from out of the area a decision should try to be made the night before.

When a game needs to be canceled, the home team should contact the league Director and the opposing team contact immediately.

A game is considered complete if two thirds of the game has been played prior to being called. If at least half of the game is finished when being called for weather, the two coaches can decide if they would like to reschedule.


I. Championship Eligibility

Championship eligibility and playoff guidelines will be established each year by the Director of High School and presented during the annual meeting.


All Clubs must pay 80% of fees to the league prior to the first game of the season.   The remaining balance will be required at a later date established by the club Treasurer.  The league will set the fees at the beginning of each season by the Board.


K. Umpire Fees

1. Umpire fees will be set in coordination with the Umpire Board and the Clubs will be notified prior to the beginning of each season.

2. Each team pays for one umpire for each of the games.

3. Umpire Fee Payment for cancelled league games:

a. If the game is cancelled at least one hour prior to the scheduled start time then no fee shall be paid.

b. If the game is cancelled less than one hour prior to the scheduled start time then the umpire shall be paid half of the game fee. If the umpire had to travel more than the 30 miles then they will be paid the mileage as well.

c. If the decision to cancel a game is made after the start of the game for any reason, then the umpire shall be paid the full game fee and the full ground travel fee if applicable. If a previously negotiated arrangement for hotel accommodations and/or per diem was made with an umpire, then such arrangements must be honored.

 4. Not all situations or issues can be covered in these operating procedures. In other situations the coaches, umpires, and/or board members should make the best decision to honor the game well as a decision that is as fair as possible. If an issue arises that coaches or umpires cannot resolve the President of the KCMGLA should be contacted. The President can make the decision or can contact the entire board to help with making a decision. If an issue arises with an umpire the President of the local umpire league should be contacted.

M. All American/All Metro Committee

A committee will be designated each year to address the process for selection.